Thursday, August 2, 2007

iPhone Security..!! Ace move

Technology is so much so developing that,recently launched product,iphones,now started getting developers who designed security scopes for iphones.
After all security plays so important role and bluehjaking being most widely hacking technique,its important to be secure.

GoTrusted's new security service announcement coincides with a planned disclosure at the Blackhat 2007 Vegas conference of iPhone vulnerabilities that can be exploited over insecure Internet connections.

Besides protecting the phone,steps are also being taken to prevent WiFi intruders.And data is secured from intruders at all times.
Iphones have created a fever of technology development in this field and many developing countries have started introducing many source plans.
In addition to being available for the iPhone,'s Internet security services are also available for Windows users by by downloading their GoTrusted Secure Tunnel software.

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