Wednesday, August 15, 2007

India Not Out 60*

I will start this topic with just one sentence that states all rest,I AM PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN.A country symbolizing history all freedom fighters which let us the independence,A love between all people of india,Diversity of different religions,people festivals...."it happens only in india".

We are into our 60th birthday of independence and we have gained and lost many things.But i should say we are moving towards more negative side.I have read
India 2020,a book with a vision of our last President,Shri.A.P.J Abdul Kalam sir.I should say,If we go according to this book,India will surely gain a huge change in positive direction.

Main reasons I say that we have changed into negative mode is beacause of following reason:-

-Less rural development
-Poverty vastly increased
-Political violence

Well on the other hand we also have gained lot of fame in:-
-Development in space research
-Development in Technology

I strongly feel,the major thing what we lack is "WE"type of thinking.All people think individually in india,incl the politions.If this stops then i feel,india can be a super powerful country.

Its time to open our eyes and think,think wide..and we can see a dream that can make india proud.

Remember one thing,every action taken by us,should make india proud.

and Think "WE" Not "I"

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Freaky Gal :-P said...

well.. as i say 2 every1... i read dis kewl line..

I Fail to understand..How can I be an Indian and NOT be proud!!