Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mobile Ya bomb..!!

Well just now stepped in home and switched to aaj tak..and i saw the deadliest news of the week.Nokia batteries in danger...

The problem is that around 100+ people have faced the problem of nokia battery blast.the make of batteries is between Nov 05-Dec 06.Aaj tak reveled the total news of this tragedy along with the precautions.

make sure that the brand of battery is BL-5C and please make sure you take note of this.

Nokia priority dealers have opened a solution forum by which nokia phone users are allowed to swap this batteries with new safer batteries.

The cell phones included under this category may include the 11** series,32**series,33**series,66** series,63** series,and N series.

I dont understand,why always the problems are with Nokia cells.

For more details please visit WWW.NOKIA.CO.IN.

1 comment:

Freaky Gal :-P said...


even i use Nokia.. n believe me.. it is gooood..

even i dunno why does it happen ONLY wid nokia..

BTW, my cell was safe.. ;)