Saturday, August 25, 2007

Struggle with dust allergy..!!

Well had read quite a few articles on dust allergy,but never thought i would experience it.Strange thing was that i experienced this allergy at HOME.It was a dust allergy from the dust particles while cleaning the house.Well,this was minor case though,but what really made me cry was Fever following body ache and chocked nose providing nope scope to breathe.Literaly i was half dead.He he

This incidence kept me off blog for almost a week's time.Though i am fine,i am not completly fine.Hopeing to get to job soon.He he

And breathe FREE and CLEAN,cozz i know how i have suffered.

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Mark IV said...

oh well... you should imagine the pitiable life of a vacuum cleaner... no longer mine spurts and spews after every cleaning now, not to mention the feverish temperature rise in its belly!