Saturday, June 28, 2008

Medical War..!!

whew.!! yet another day was oeprating on...and me got up at 6am? stange...dont be..coz i had a reason for the same..!!

Time 6.30Am:Preparing myself for pre-Medical test @ margao(33KM from My home)

gurrrerr(watching at circular watch)...."its 7Am and m still at home;come on prajyot..lets get going"

Time 8 Am:-Margao bus stand....hey m on time...hip hip hurry..!!

Time 8.30 Am-reached at reception of OPD of ______Hospital (cant take the name of hospital as it may relate to piracy...he he)..."yes prajyot,welcome,please have a seat.."(smilled)

Time 8.45 Am:oh god..10 medical tests...i was like wat??? (stunned)...he he...i set my wings to this battle..!!

BATLLE 1 : Prajyot V/s Blood Test

Dr. Removed her weapon,two blood extractor and my weapon,My

then she attacked 1st,2times and entered into my veins extracting 20ml of my precious bloof...Oh god,M weak by 20% of blood..!!

She defeated me by 2 points to 0

BATLLE 2 : Prajyot V/s Urine Test

I won it stright forward,as i had taken urine with me..ha ha..

but i had to keep it in the toilet...(i saw many other samples also there)

BATLLE 3 : Prajyot V/s Chest Xray

Oh god...i was made to remove my kurta..(normal kurta...not shaadi ka kurta)..i was like.."ok ok"...(full of shame)..

He took me to the projector and well...Job was more of defensive battle..!!

BATLLE 4 : Prajyot V/s ECG

i entered quitely..."remove ur sandles please" command from team commandor(female)..and she made me to undergo ECG war..well it was well conducted by the commandor..

"Prince,u won this battle"(she said)

BATLLE 5 : Prajyot V/s Opthalmatic

Well i liked this test a i was entering with my weapon "my specs"...fight was conducted in dark room and i won it..thanks to my POWER OF DUAL CORE SPECS(what i mean is,i could read all the alphabets in dark)

BATLLE 6 : Prajyot V/s Audiometry

This battle was supposed to be with ear plugs on...well i was really holding my ears to listen the finest quality of sound...minutely...

well nope doubt..i cleared and won this battle too..!!

BATLLE 7 : Prajyot V/s Physical Dr.

important battle and i had won it sucessfully....

"Prince Prajyot,u have won this battle for u and for us"..."

"long live prince(chorus)"

i returend to my castle and was greeted with glory...


Anonymous said...

such a nice blog.

berto xxx

lotto results said...

What a great moment of reading blogs.

Anonymous said...

hey nice post prajyot!!!
u mus hv enjoyd... he he....
u hv written very nicely indeed in a funny way...lykd it a lot!!!
gud work... keep it up!!!:)

preetisoni said...

hmmmmmmmmmmm itne saare test in just one day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!kitna patient hai tuummne..yar.....:):)
vese nice write up
keep it up!!!!!!!!!!

preetisoni said...

vese ye medical war itni acchanak se kyo?....sab normal to hai na?...

prajyot said...

arre was a pre medical test before joining job in pune.

so that i remain fit and fine all during my working hours,i had to undergo these tests..!!

Matangi Mawley said...

:).. good work!

nice blog u ve!

prajyot said...

hey matangi...thanks for all ur comments...and thanks for visiting my blog...

Hemanth Potluri said...

i did was such a pain staying there.....hmmm atlast u to had it u fought against the


prajyot said...

yeah was a psycological fight..he he