Thursday, June 5, 2008

WiFi Orkut..A Needful Upgrate!!

Orkut is rated with best website for social networking for the year of 2008 by PC world magazine(India)..!! CONGRATS

Well m not a member of ORKUT..but certainly happy for orkut that its been rated as one of the best amoungst all..!!

well my cartoon sugguest scene of ORCUT(ORKUT term cant be used as its copyright for ORKUT INC.)on a WiFi basis..!!

Imagining people wearing a cap which has a WiFi Finder that generates the output of listings once when searched...the Globe(which actually sugguests 2 things.1.Satelllite for communication.2."O" or orkut.)

wish if Orkut goes Wifi finder would be real fun..!!

Early morning wishes would be "Orc(k)ut morning" instead of "Good Morning"


IDriSh LAxmIdHAR said...

"joony joony"
"yes papa"
"surfing ORKUT?"
"no papa"
"telling lies..??"
"no papa"
"open your scraps.."
"oh shit oh shit...don't check 'em they are private papa...!!!!"

prajyot said...

i will continue the conversation now...!!

"jonny jonny"
"yes pappa"
"whoz that gal?"
"no gal papa"
"telling lies"
"yes papa"
"tel me whoz that jonny"
"papa papa,shez ur dauther in law papa"

phoenix said...

so sorry to be this infrequent....but will surely be back sometime internet connection has ditched me :)

prajyot said...

oh thanks for ur comments...i was indeed happy to see u...keep blogging..!!

Hemanth Potluri said...

cool idea bro..but if its a wifi friend finder then..its becomes a date finder not a friend finder...may be people change as the sommunication changes...and the poem awas so cool..