Thursday, June 5, 2008

Rate @ +5 Per Liter...(Certainly Nope discount)

I usually have a habit of working on PC alongside with News channels ON;on Television.
Was reading some article on india times suddenly coming across Z news showing the update of petrol rate rise..!!

What went in my mind that time??

1.Couldnot belive the price went high as to increase economical status(as said by government)..i couldnot belive...

2.thought of government people who earn 4000-5000 PM,how would they match up with this hight peak rate?

3.Do government think with respect to COMMON MAN?

4.Finally,my situation was like,i was thinking if 5Rs per lit was increased,that mean for every 10KM 50Rs would be spent extra...well thats too much cozz i usually travel 10km-50Km a day..!!!

5.Last but not the least,thought "WISH IF I HAD OIL RIG"...ha ha ha


Jyoti said...

each government has same rules and fundas..just they fight among them.

Both cats fight..but in this story..even the monkey is not the winner.

prajyot said...

yeah..and when they fight they squize indian people in between....why on earth they have to rise so much prices?

oh god...i really cant imagine the state of common people jyoti..!!!

IDriSh LAxmIdHAR said...

@ jyoti..

i agree...totally with ya!1

@ prajyot...

i think its time we have elections...!!

or, lets go cycling???

prajyot said...

cycling...he he...tht would be good it is government is playing tricks with us...we should be going against them..!!

47.20->53.60 INR well just too much..!!

IDriSh LAxmIdHAR said...

@ prajyot

but finally govt. will enjoy this...
they are smarter then us

prajyot said...

raths than saying they r smarter than us...we should say we indian r fools...cozz we give ooportunity for them to rule us

ishqia said...

travel to gulf country..
no petrol tension..