Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Vista Sucessor???

I have been vista user for almost 1.3 Years now...well i know vista has lot many security issues,and too many compatibility problems...but still i love to work on vista..!!

The next version of the Windows operating system will likely arrive in early 2010, officials at Microsoft has said.

The most important change to the software, currently dubbed Windows 7, will be its multi-touch technology. Customers will be able to use their fingers to perform tasks such as moving documents or displaying photos right on the touch-ready display.

Windows 7 is based on Windows Vista, Microsoft's current operating system.

Wondering,when microsoft will solve current vista problems...even though SP1 of vista is launched,it seems to to affect the feature of compatibility and security issues.!!

Oh god..!! m still waiting untill current vista becomes STABLE..!!!


ishqia said...

vista is in many way better that xp... but slow..

prajyot said...

yeah true..gr8 feel for vista na...i just like it..but as far as programmers view is concerned,it has many compatibility issues..but still i rate it as 7.5/10..!!

nEeRAj said...

Hey dude,
Me too added u on my blog ...
sorry 4 being late

keep rocking
nice blog

prajyot said...

thanks neeraj..thanks for all that u did...

Thanks for visiting my blog..!!