Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wings of Bill Gates..!!

Watching the trends in computers,microsoft has been the major contributer in all respects..!!

Bill Gates was born on Oct. 28, 1955, in Seattle to William H. Gates II, a Seattle attorney and Mary Gates, a schoolteacher and chairwoman of United Way International. He attended public elementary school and the private Lakeside School where he discovered his interest in software and began programming computers at the age of 13.

Jan. 1, 1979 - Microsoft moves from Albuquerque, N.M., to the Seattle area.

1980 - Microsoft chosen by IBM to create operating system for its first PC. Microsoft buys the software for $50,000 from another company and calls it MS-DOS. Steve Ballmer joins Microsoft.

Aug. 12, 1981 - IBM introduces the PC, running on MS-DOS.

- Microsoft introduces its Word word-processing program, announces plans to create Windows operating system. Allen resigns as vice president, but remains on the board of directors.

November 1985 - Microsoft ships its first version of Windows.

March 13, 1986 - Microsoft's stock goes public.

Aug. 1, 1989 - Microsoft introduces earliest version of the Office business software suite.

1991 - Federal Trade Commission investigates claims Microsoft monopolizes the market for PC operating systems. Investigation closes two years later without a formal complaint.

January 1, 1994 - Bill Gates marries Melinda French on the Hawaiian island of Lanai.

July 1994 - U.S. and European antitrust investigations settled; Microsoft agrees to change contracts with PC makers. Settlement is rejected in federal court, then reinstated in 1995.

Aug. 24, 1995 - Microsoft launches Windows 95.

Nov. 27, 1995 - Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 2.0, challenging Netscape's Navigator Web browser.

Dec. 7, 1995 - Gates details shift in Microsoft strategy to focus on the Internet.

Aug. 6, 1997 - Microsoft and Apple Computer agree to share technology and set aside long-standing feud.

Oct. 20, 1997 - Justice Department sues Microsoft, says it violated the 1994 consent decree by requiring computer makers to use its Internet browser as a condition of using Windows.

May 18, 1998 - Justice Department and 20 states sue Microsoft, alleging it illegally thwarted competition. One state later drops out of the suit.

July 21, 1998 - Ballmer becomes president of Microsoft.

Oct. 19, 1998 - The antitrust trial begins, continues into summer of 1999.

Nov. 5, 1999 - U.S. District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson releases his findings of fact, which label Microsoft a monopoly.

Jan. 13, 2000 - Gates steps aside as CEO, giving the post to Ballmer, remains chairman and becomes chief software architect.

Feb. 17, 2000 - Microsoft launches Windows 2000.

June 7, 2000 - Jackson orders the breakup of Microsoft into two companies.

Sept. 26, 2000 - Supreme Court refuses to hear Microsoft's appeal of Jackson's decision, sending the case to a federal appeals court.

Sept. 6, 2001 - Justice Department says it will no longer seek a breakup of Microsoft.

November 2001 - Microsoft, Justice Department reach tentative deal to settle antitrust case.

Oct. 25, 2001 - Worldwide launch of Windows XP.

August 2002 - Microsoft unveils business and product changes to comply with Justice Department settlement.

June 23, 2003 - Microsoft announces Windows Mobile for handheld computers and phones.

March 24, 2004
- European Commission fines Microsoft a record $613 million for antitrust violations, though the sanction is later suspended while Microsoft appeals.

April 2, 2004 - Sun settles antitrust claims with Microsoft for $1.95 billion.

June 30, 2004
-U.S. appeals court unanimously approves settlement with Justice Department.

Dec. 22, 2004 - An EU court rejects Microsoft's appeal of the March order.

May 12, 2005 - Microsoft shows off new Xbox 360 ; console hits shelves in November.

July 1, 2005 - Microsoft agrees to pay IBM $775 million in cash and $75 million in software to settle antitrust claims.

Oct. 11, 2005 - RealNetworks settles antitrust claims with Microsoft for $761 million.

March 23, 2006 - Microsoft announces a shake-up in its Windows unit, two days after saying it won't have its next consumer version of Windows ready for the holiday season as planned.

June 15, 2006 - Bill Gates announces plans to withdraw from day-to-day duties at Microsoft in July 2008 so he can focus on his charitable foundation.

Nov. 14, 2006 - Microsoft introduces Zune music player.

Jan. 30, 2007 - Microsoft releases long-delayed Windows Vista and Office 2007.

Jan. 31, 2008 - Microsoft makes unsolicited offer to buy Yahoo for $44.6 billion. Eventually walks away after Yahoo won't agree to even higher offer, $47.5 billion.

June 27, 2008 - Gates steps down from full-time role in company, remains board chairman.

Gates now plans to focus on philanthropy with his wife Melinda and together they have endowed a foundation with more than $28.8 billion to support philanthropic initiatives in the areas of global health and learning, with the hope that in the 21st century, advances in these critical areas will be available for all people.


pcsolotto said...

It could challenge the ideas of the people who visit your blog.

prajyot said...

thanks for visiting my blog

Hemanth Potluri said...

its true gates was the original man who did all the things....but it was his idea of introducing windows vista and now windows 7 is under development which wud be launched by 2010 ...and i am gr8 to this man who has given me 5 things.... operating systems visual studio zune (i love hearing my music)
4.MS office wer i write most of my data
5.most important thing Internet explorer..(without it there is nothing)

prajyot said...

very true hemant...wats amazing bout this person is,he was a master programmer from age of 13th and one more thing about him is,now he is giving 45milling $ to india for charity purpose...god...amazing person...

Hemanth Potluri said...

yeh he's a gr8 person ...i have is his book..if u read it u will know a lot of things..abt be frank he is a master hacker....i love to be like him..but its impossible for :)...

prajyot said...

nothing is impossible...cozz this word itself says " I M POSSIBLE"...

Hacking is nothing but just "logics of programming"..simple