Monday, September 15, 2008

Asus Eee PC 1000H

The original Eee PC was the very first 'netbook' of sorts, and its popularity opened up a whole new segment.

The 1000H signifies a significant departure from the simple finish and styling that was typical of the Eee PC range. For one, it's given up a plain matte look for a glossy black finish. While this may look elegant the first time you see it, the truth is that it’s a horrible fingerprint and dust magnet.

With a weight of 1.46 kg and dimensions of 10.5 x 7.5 x 1.0 to 1.5 inches, this is easily the largest 10" netbook available today. The build quality is sound, with no extra flex in the body, and the reinforced hinges give it the reliability most Asus products boast of.

The keyboard is easily the best seen in any Eee PC so far. It's well-proportioned at 92 percent of the size of a normal full-sized keyboard, offers a comfortable typing experience via the 'just right' texture finish of the keys, and has adequate space around the mouse pad for you to position both hands easily. This setup allows you to work comfortably and accurately.The touchpad, however, proved to be a disappointment.

Connectivity-wise, the 1000H is similar to offerings from other manufacturers. It offers 3 USB slots, a multi-slot reader, VGA out, Bluetooth (thankfully!), and a Kensington security slot. It also offers 802.11N as a bonus.

As expected, this Eee PC is based on an Intel Atom N270 processor clocked at 1.8 GHz. The device offers 1GB of RAM, and has an 80GB HDD. While the processor is a bit faster than the standard 1.6 GHz offering, it didn’t offer much more with regard to multi-tasking, which was already quite robust.The one thing that does set the 1000H apart from other netbooks is its audio capability. The 1000H comes with Dolby Sound room technology.

The 1000H we tested came with a 6-cell battery. This allowed us to make the laptop battery last well over 7 hours with prudent use, and even rough usage got around 6½ hrs.

Asus has come up with a winner. Despite its irritating glossy finish, the 1000H has extremely good performance, very good battery life, surprisingly good sound, and a well-designed keyboard only at Rs.26,000/-


Hemanth Potluri said...

mind blowing review dude...and wen r u goin to gift me this one


prajyot said...

he he...

well i said u come over to goa..and u will surely get something better than this laptop...
guess what is it?

-goan fish curry(if ur non vegie)

Priya Joyce said...

wow gr8 damn techno miracle wow!!

Aneesh said...

Looks good, but the configuration could have been better. 1GB RAM and 80GD HDD? its not up to the current standards, 'N how often are we going to upgrade it?
But, I guess, its worth the money.

prajyot said...

@ priya

thanks for this know its been all techie revolutions these days.lot many inventions upcomings.gr8 to see..!!

prajyot said...

yeah aneesh...1gb ram now a days is too less..believe me my laptop which i got 1.5years back had 1gb ram and i m in so much hunger that i feel to upgrade it..!! and even the hard disk..feel like 120 should goto more thn 160+

Evita said...

Where's this goa again?

Mine is fujitsu. Not your kick ass type, but it serves the function. I think men are more into computers gadgets and other cool toys. But women are happy with the basic gadgets as long as they can shop for nice shoes ;-)

joiedevivre said...

waise toh yeh sab mere jyada samajh nai aata
still its gud...coz of ur blog i get to read sumthin abt dese things in short deatils

preetisoni said...

dekhne aur padne me super lag raha hau?..
ab if you gift it to your friends then i would be able to tell you ki actually me super hai ki nahi

anyways how is life going on?
how is everything else?

prajyot said...


thanks for ur valuabale comments and thanks for visiting

prajyot said...

@ preeti

thanks for ur comments and keep visitng..and do keep in touch

i am fine...hope ur too