Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tagged Me..!!!

This is 'MY' pic of my desktop.. I was tagged by the techie buddy Hemanth and bubbly friend of mine,priya.

The tag is called The Desktop story.
Main Rules were:-)
1. Prnt screen your desktop.
2. Put the image in your post.
3. Write a story on it.

Well i will shorten the script and post just few lines on this..!!


well actually i followed this style from the cricketers intro videos ha ha..!!

thanks for the support and cooperations guys...!!

another award received was forwarded by hemant->priya and finally to me..yepi..!!

god bless...!!


Hemanth Potluri said...

i to have given the award to u dude..not only prya...anyways nice u put up the tag too kewl...liked wat u did with it...


prajyot said...

well i know hemant..thats why i said,techie hemant and bubbly priya

Evita said...

Interestingly, my desktop photo are collection of shoes. Hmmm. AFter my post about Warsaw I will post my desktop. I'm still here in Warsaw.