Sunday, September 7, 2008

Technology for Teachers..!! well done india..!!

In India,we say we lack quality education.Technology though is growing at peak rate,we still lack awareness.

But its been few months i see technology growing along with awareness in society.
and it is indeed a good news..!!

Teachers in india,always given high reputation and respect and to highlight the President Pratibha Patil launched a web portal by Friday;where,Teachers from across the country can now share their professional ideas and thoughts.

This portal was launched on the occasion of Teachers' Day.

"The portal will offer a platform for sharing best practices and generating discussion in teaching community," Patil said while launching the portal.

The initial phase of the portal, developed by Azim Premji Foundation with the National Knowledge Commission, envisages a space for teachers to express their ideas and share their thoughts.

"It also envisages beginning of a district-wise directory of resource organisations working in education, which will help teachers gain access to material and people in their area," said a statement issued by the president's office.

I consider this to be a step towrds unity and integrity.

lets make india the best..!!!


preetisoni said...

hey...thats a wonderful post i didnt know that if any site of this type is launched....surley it is good plateform for all the teachers of india to interact with each other..and ya things like this if will happen..will surely make india the best in the world..:)anyways..after a long time i m are u guys? things are going at ur end?

preetisoni said...

how are u prayjot..not guys:):)

prajyot said...

well well..firstly welcome to my blog ones again..m so happy to have u here and thanks for all ur support

indeed its an superb platform for all teachers re..!!

m so happy with this feature..!!

joiedevivre said...

dat was gud

prajyot said...

@ joje

thanks for commenting...m happy to have u here..finally blogging