Saturday, September 13, 2008

New Tag Established..!!

hello friends.

Thanks for all the co-operation and suggestions all you people gave me which helped me a lot to improve my blog vastly.

This Tag is called as "INNOVATOR OF THE WEEK".This tag will be presented to the person every week for his/her excellent work in word of blogging and thoughts in the blog.

This week's tag is provided to my very own blog friend,Mr.Hemant Potluri.I insist all bloggers to kindly visit the lovely 3 blogs by hemant,which are full of thoughts,ideas,innovations,feelins and many more..!!

I herby post the address of hemant's 3 blog cllections:


Friends this award will be awarded weekly so other bloggers hang on for next week innovator awards..!!


V. Archana said...

hey...this is a cool idea,u have come up with,man! :)
btw,nice blog,keep it up :)

prajyot said...

thanks was so nice to have ur comment here..!! i have added u on my blogmate lists..!!

Hemanth Potluri said...

dude i am totally out of mind i am suffering from fever and u give me these shocks....thnks so much yaar u made my day..:)..

prajyot said...

dont say thanks re..u really deserve it thats what i feel..keep it up

V. Archana said...

Thanks!!so did i :)

lukkydivz said...

wow! am waiting for my turn :P

Evita said...

I wonder if my blog is innovative enough though. Anyway, I'm always behind. Thanks for sharing.

Aneesh said...

so you drifted from you techie posts?

Priya Joyce said...

hey ya ya so hemanth has helped u wow tats so nice of him gr8
btw y din't u give links mr techno hmmm?
good post

prajyot said...


thanks for ur comment..dont worry this is a rolling award.!!


hey m not shifted from tech blog re..dont worry..i will be right back with on


hey evita,thanks for all comment...

@ priya

thanks priya..for ur lovely comment