Saturday, September 27, 2008

Asus Lamborghini VX3

Asus, which was recently in the news on account of its Eee PC range of small notebooks, has released an updated version of its premier Lamborghini co-branded laptop – the VX3.

In comparison to its elder brothers, the VX3 has shrunk a bit. Firstly it is now a 12.1 inch affair and hence its size reflects its reduced stature. Nothing else has changed with regard to its styling and finish. The VX3 retains the striking yellow finish that characterizes this range, and the black sports-car logo on the lid. The construction as always is solid, with absolutely no squeaks from either the body or the hinges, which are reinforced and look pretty elegant.

The inside of the laptop (keyboard area and LCD panel) have been suitably altered to reflect its new size. For one, the LCD area has been given a simple matte finish, which is a good thing as the LCD panel is ultra-reflective and a shiny finish would have exacerbated this problem. The keyboard area retains its leather finish. It's is now surrounded by a beautifully designed bezel made of magnesium alloy, and sports a gunmetal finish.

The touchpad is a good improvement over previous models. Though it’s somewhat oddly designed, it has a good smooth finish alongside recessed mouse keys that make pointer manipulation easy.

The LCD panel is a backlit 12.1 inch affair with a native resolution of 1280 x 800, but it’s not as sharp as in some other models from Asus. It offers average levels of brightness and contrast, and has poor viewing angles. On top of that it’s got a very reflective screen, which makes working in brightly-lit areas a headache.

Connectivity-wise the VX3 is quite decently loaded. It comes with HDMI, 3 USB slots, a dual layer DVD-RW, and a multi-format card reader.


Hemanth Potluri said...

i am waiting for the review of N96 from u :)..

hey the black lappy is cool..yellow is some wat not that hot..but cool review...

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Priya Joyce said...

the outside already luked cool the inside u told and now u hav left me wth a desire to hav it
hey man lovely wrk out there

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prajyot said...

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yeah this asus laptop is preety fine for customer's satisfaction

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Hemanth Potluri said...

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Evita said...

Not sure about the functionality but being a woman... I find the yellow cover cute. :-)

prajyot said...


i read ur comment on the blog.I was expecting a reply to tha Q of women between 0-10?

prajyot said...

@ evita

thanks ones again and gr8 to have ur comment here.

yeah..!! indeed this yello color looks very cool

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