Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hands on VOCABS...!!

I have come across a nice web portal(most importantly indian origin) which revolves arounds words,spells and meanings.

well one need to have a control over speech and its only possible if we use proper spells in eglish along side we also need to know the meaning of words used.

A website,www.mnemonicdictionary.com . This website revolve around helping people to learn words easily with help of mnemonics or memory aids which easily gets saved in our memory and help in retaining the word for a longer period of time.

I would know highlight points that actually captures my hands on..!!


1.Search engine: This web portal has simple interface to simply search meaning and details about a word.Along side,it also provides simpler feautres to understand what does the meaning state.

2.Wordlist: Authorised users can form a wordlist for easier retrieval of word meanings probably for their future lists.(very nice feature)

3.Word Test:well this feature actually helped me a lot and i find this feature actually makes this site very different from others.This section is very helpful to jugde one person w.r.t the knowledge of words.

4.word games:Fun being an important part in life;this web portal also includes this features which actually can serve both;as knowledge as well as game.

5.Forum and chat:well discussion forum for end usersand chat amoung them.well this feature is also prime,may be because this helps interactions between end users.


It is effective site for english learners and people who need to know more spells and words.I would say,it requires lil more graphical feel,rest all superb.


Hemanth Potluri said...

superb review dude ....and i am happy i to will review it soon...i asked u mail ids in previous post will u mail me pls..


preetisoni said...

thanks alot :) review is fantastic and very well written:):)

prajyot said...

what main ids?
u actaully know my mail id dude

ANWESA said...

hey,i liked d website.ur review was gr8!

Aneesh said...

Good one :)
Pretty useful too.

prajyot said...


thanks dude for ur valueable comment